Half-Life: Randomizer
Half-Life: Randomizer The first (and only) version of the Half-Life: Randomizer mod. To play, put the mod folder into your half-life directory and restart steam. There are several options to disable/enable certain randomizations. Check the advanced tab in the options menu. Unfortunately, I can't make any updates to this as I lost all the source files. So while I welcome feedback, I won't be able to make a second version.
This mod randomizes almost everything in Half-Life to give it a new, fresh way to play. You could get a hornet gun instead of the crowbar. A headcrab could be an assassin. Anything is possible, and no matter how many times you've played Half-Life, you'll never see what's coming. There are a few options that allow you to change what's randomized. Check the advanced tab of the options menu for these, or use the console commands. Lore Friendly (loreFriendly) - Waits to spawn certain enemies until the time they normally appear in-game. For instance, with this enabled you won't see HECU soldiers until "We've got hostiles." Random Sentences (randomSentences) - Self explanatory. NPCs can and will say anything. Random Gore (randomGibs) - Randomizes gibs and blood color for enemies...and a few other things as well... Random Text (randomTitles) - Most text displayed on the hud, such as chapter titles, credits, and instructions will be completely random.
Fight For Life mod (fixed)
Fight For Life mod (fixed) Rlease version
Fight For Life
Another old school half-life mod that brings us back to Black Mesa complex. Player is a scientist who has to fight for his life to survive and escape from the black mesa research facility.
They Hunger Русификатор They Hunger
Русификатор They Hunger Полная русификация мода They Hunger от Racoon Team
Azure Sheep Русификатор мода от Фаргус
Русификатор звука для модификации Azure Sheep от Фаргуса.
Cold Ice steamfix
Cold Ice steamfix Features: * Added a new menu * Added a new icon for steam gamelist * Fixed Steam incompatibility (thanks to Eri Freeman)
Cold Ice v Beta 2.5
Cold Ice v Beta 2.5 Cold Ice v Beta 2.5 09/05/00 Cold Ice only runs on version 1100 of half-life or newer.
Cold Ice
Cold Ice Cold Ice is a Half-Life Deathmatch that changes all the weapons from the regular DM and replaces these with totally new weapons to make the game more enjoyable. p.s. probably one of the first multiplayer mod for Half-Life
Deliverance v3
Deliverance v3 Deliverance v3 includes new code modifications to improve the scientist following-AI and prevent scientist "freezing" problems around the levels. I have also made a number of other small tweaks to the code and enhancements to the levels. I hope that these changes will remove the bugbears of previous releases and make Deliverance as much fun as it can be. The FAQ/Walkthrough link to the website doesn't work since the website has been down since early 2007. I've uploaded it here, Look in the downloads section for it.
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